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Face tomorrow on your own terms. Plan today.

We can guide you in crafting an estate plan that will improve the well-being of love ones, one that will reflect your individuality, built around your voice, your values, and your beliefs.

Our approach is simple. We give our clients the simple knowledge and strategies they need to take their business or professional practice wherever they want it to go.

How safe are your assets? Will your children’s inheritance be protected? There are a variety of strategies you can employ to protect and preserve your assets and holdings.

We run a client centered focused practice that values personal law and offers an individual approach.

Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Schaumburg, IL

At Donald L. Sadowski, P.C. in Schaumburg, Illinois, we guide individuals and families through some of life’s most important decisions. Our consultative approach is holistic and gives you the control and knowledge to make the choices today that will help protect you and your family from any threats to your wealth or assets that may arise tomorrow.

In addition, we provide business owners effective one-on-one guidance and tailored solutions that contribute to their security, protection and success while helping sustain the profitability and growth of their business. We’re here for you. Contact us today.

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