Business Transactions

There’s no such thing as “tax season” for small and family-run businesses. Ever-expanding tax laws and regulations make tax ramifications a reality in almost everything you do in your business. Most of the time business owners are unaware that they may be triggering a negative tax result until after a transaction is completed. And by then, it’s too late.

Staying ahead means planning ahead. From the moment you conceive a business plan through your structured exit and transition strategy, tax traps and incentives alike can make or break your business. We’ll help you keep the big picture in focus while tending to the critical details that will enable you take advantage of favorable planning opportunities while avoiding unnecessary tax exposures.

We can work directly with your tax professional to create strategies that meet your goals, protect your company’s worth, and preserve your wealth throughout the evolving life of your business. With a constant eye on saving your tax dollars, we’ll help guide you on opportunities such as fringe benefit planning, phantom stock plans, stock purchase plans, deferred compensation arrangements, employment contracts, consulting arrangements, life insurance, succession planning and buy-sell agreements, business purchase and sale agreements, reorganizations, and other business transactions.