Planning Before, During, and After Divorce

Happily Ever After. But what if it isn’t? You can make the best of a difficult situation with careful planning. And the time to begin planning is before filing the divorce petition, followed by equally careful planning during the process of dissolution and continuing into the aftermath.

If you are going through or thinking about a divorce, we can answer the questions you already have, as well as questions that pop up along the way…the ones that can cause you to lose sleep. And don’t forget those questions you don’t even know to ask. It’s good to know that there is someone on your side, putting plans in place to protect and preserve your hard-earned assets and protect the intentions you have for your beneficiaries.

Among the matters that will be affected by your divorce are the terms of your will or trust, your life insurance policies, joint tenancies, retirement accounts, power of attorney arrangements, and so many more. Virtually every brick in the foundation of your estate will need to be picked up, looked over carefully, and repositioned to build your new life as a single man or woman.