You’ve worked hard your whole life to get where you are, to accumulate the assets that are helping secure the futures of you and your loved ones. But have you thought about the very real ways you could lose so much of what you’ve gained?

How about an increasingly litigious society in which “where’s mine” trumps “what’s right” with alarming regularity. A legal system seemingly spinning further out of control with every judgment that penalizes those with deep pockets more than those without. A government that reaches further into those pockets – deep or not – to take more and more and more. Divorce. Bank debt, guarantees and partnership liabilities. Nursing home costs. Expenses related to those with special needs. Business disputes. Employee actions. Uninsured losses.

No matter the size of your assets, the fact is, unless they are adequately protected from today’s threats, they sit on a precarious perch.

Traditional estate plans – including many living trusts – can fall short when protecting assets and property from liability, creditors and lawsuits. A basic revocable living trust generally does not protect the assets you place inside of it; nor does it protect those assets from divorce or a loved one’s unwise marriage or creditors. That means you can lose your assets during your lifetime – or jeopardize those you’ve given to your loved ones after you’ve gone – to things like creditors, financial reversals, lawsuits, divorce, and transfer taxes.

That’s why our asset protection lawyers in Schaumburg, IL offer personalized asset protection strategies that maintain our clients’ assets, providing financial security, control, and protection from unexpected liability and loss. These strategies help block future potential creditors from reaching your assets, discourage lawsuits, and can reduce income and estate taxes while keeping you in control.

Not just for the wealthy, asset protection planning can pay off for everyone – whether you’re single, happily married in a first or second marriage, going through divorce, in an alternative family or domestic partner arrangement, planning for retirement, facing special-needs costs, or protecting your business and its assets.

The personalized practical asset protection plans we create and implement help individuals, family business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, real estate developers, real estate owners and retirees find the peace of mind that comes from knowing their assets have been arranged to ensure maximum security and their retirement is more assured.

Imagine the freedom to build your business or professional practice without the fear of losing all you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Imagine living life knowing that whatever happens today, your tomorrows – and those of your loved ones – are more secure.

Contact us to see how an asset protection strategy can help grow the wealth you’ve already acquired while reducing, eliminating or shifting taxes and protecting your assets, including:

• Business assets, including real estate, equipment, accounts receivable, and inventory
• Personal assets, including your equity in any investment or business enterprise
• Children’s education funds
• Primary and vacation homes
• Children’s inheritances
• Assets tied to your professional practice

For many, it’s hard to imagine right now ever being the target of a lawsuit or subject to business or personal claims, but anything can happen. Plan today to reinforce your assets and wealth against unexpected future liabilities and loss.