What Should I Look For in an Estate Planning Attorney?

When a bereavement befalls a family, grief can take many different forms. To ease the process when you pass, it helps to leave all of your affairs in order. If you know how to find a great estate planning attorney, you can find true peace of mind.

Schaumburg Estate Planning Attorney

Luckily, finding a trustworthy attorney to help with your estate planning needs is not as hard as you may think. Read on as we discuss our guide on finding a Schaumburg estate planning lawyer.. 

1. How Long Have They Been Practicing?

A trust and estate planning attorney needs to have a certain degree of experience to be able to operate effectively. This is because estate planning is a very unique practice. Each case is different and throws up a number of tricky situations and legal parameters.

This means that estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The more experienced your attorney is, the easier it will be to handle your proceedings both before and after your death. This provides peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. 

2. Do They Conduct Reviews?

If anything in life is certain, that is change. When you make your estate plan, your needs may change as time goes on. That means it is important to have reviews and adjust accordingly. 

These changes do not have to just come from your personal circumstances. Tax and financial reasons may also force you to change your legal documents. 

The estate planning attorney cost for these changes is not a lot. They are often done annually or semi-annually. 

3. How Do They Charge?

There are a few ways estate planning attorneys can charge for their fees. The first is a flat fee that covers the whole documentation and legal planning of your estate. Some may bill by the hour, depending on the complexity of the case.

Others may employ a hybrid approach to their estate planning services.. Standard services may have a fixed rate, while additional services may be charged by the hour. Discuss this beforehand so you can budget accordingly. 

4. Are They a Member of Professional Organizations?

Some estate planning attorneys are members of professional organizations. They help to keep the attorney informed on up-to-date news and changes in their area of legal expertise. 

Firstly, check they are a member of the local state Bar association. After this, see if they are a member of the Trusts and Estates and Elder Law Association, so they are constantly up to date and informed on changes and news. 

5. Do They Include Wills, Trusts, and Life Insurance Plans?

It is quite possible that you have a number of methods to handle your belongings once you are gone. These may include trusts, wills, and life insurance. So they can best be managed, it is important to find an attorney knowledgeable in all areas. 

Ideally, find an estate attorney who is also knowledgeable in tax and real estate. They can then best advise you on how to distribute your assets, maximizing the benefits for your loved ones once you are gone. 

6. Are They Local?

In theory, your trust and estate planning attorney does not have to be local. The job could be done online or over the telephone. However, there are numerous benefits to finding a local attorney to handle your estate planning needs.. 

Firstly, it makes visits and correspondence with your family much easier when you pass. Having a local estate planning law firm will put their mind at rest and relieve some of the burden.

In addition, it is easier to get references and recommendations for local attorneys. You may be able to ask around friends, family, and colleagues. There may be online reviews or testimonials, and you may be able to go and visit their offices to discuss your needs. 

7. Do They Focus on Estate Planning?

You may find attorneys who deal with many different facets of law. The subject is a vast area and lawyers that spread themselves across many different areas often fail to excel at one. It makes it impossible for them to keep up with all the legislation and legal changes. 

When finding an attorney, opt for one that has a focus on trusts and estates. If they do specialize in other areas, it should be related fields, such as assets, property, and tax. This ensures they are abreast of any major changes that may impact your estate. 

8 Avoid Turning to Directories and Hotlines

There are a number of internet directories on which many attorneys are listed. While some of them may be fantastic, all of them have paid a fee to be on there. This means hiring one is a huge gamble. 

Different bar associations also have hotlines that will help you find an attorney. These run along the same terms. People pay to be listed, meaning you could find a great attorney or a less impressive one. 

If you do decide to use them, then do your homework. Check reviews online for the attorney and message people they have used before. However, by the time you have done all of this, you may as well just take a trusted local attorney for your needs. 

Schaumburg Estate Planning Attorney

In summary, go with a local, trusted Schaumburg estate planning attorney. Search out one with experience, who can deal with a multitude of situations relating to your trust. Arrange a meeting with them and arrange peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. 

Your first stop when looking for an attorney in Schaumburg should be DLS Law. We specialize in estate planning, asset protection, and managing your real estate interests before and after you pass. Click here to book an appointment, and leave your legacy in our trustworthy hands.